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DNV Global Solutions were founded in Glasgow in 2012 by Managing Director, James Watson.  His wealth of experience in this industry allowed him to anticipate a change in the way companies would chose to advertise and market. In 2 short years our company has experienced tremendous success and we continue to go from strength to strength. Over the past year we have focussed mainly on Events Marketing, which has saw us expand into various UK markets as well as overseas. Recently, our biggest project has been representing the UK's leading Telecommunications provider. In 2013 they branched into the Digital TV market and they are looking to massively increase exposure of their new service in 2014. As they grow our opportunities for expansion grow simultaneously. Our goal for 2014 is to expand into Australia and several other European markets.

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Good Luck to Caitlin Tullet, David Graham, David Hepburn, Rania Noumaan and Sean Davies who are all in the lead to win an all expenses paid £8000 trip to Las Vegas, thanks to our amazing Telecommunications client.  Winners will be announced on June 11th.  




Our MD along with some of our office top performers will be attending a conference in Barcelona between April 3rd to 6th.  The weekend will be a fantastic networking opportunity for the attendees as well as a chance to see the incredible sights Barcelona has to offer.   

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Marketing is the cornerstone of any sales strategy, because it determines how an audience perceives a product or service. An effective marketing strategy addresses four basic elements: product, price, promotion and distribution. Find the perfect balance and you'll be positioned for success. To help you achieve this, we stay on top of social trends, cultural influences and technological developments, tracking their effects on consumers and purchasing behaviour.

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